Hedgehogs could be wiped out here in 10 years

They are among our most charismatic creatures – but the British Hedgehog Preservation Society has warned that hedgehogs could be wiped out in the UK in as little as 10 years.

The number of hedgehogs in the UK has fallen from 30 million in the 1950s to just one million today, with numbers falling by 10 per cent in the last decade alone.

“We know from population monitoring carried out by various conservation organisations that hedgehog numbers have fallen dramatically in recent years,” said Rupert Masefield, from the RSPB. “Habitat loss, increased use of fencing and pesticides, and increased traffic are responsible.”


Say Hello To Brambles

Brambles came to us on the 14th October weighing only 83g. She received a goody box from her finders today.

I think she was very happy with the contents. Now weighing a little over 100g she will be with us all over winter.

Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity

Hello Brambles


Thank You To Our Amazon Wishlist Supporters

A big long list of Thank You’s for our Amazon Wish List supporters:

Firstly – Pete & Laine who donated the following items instead of accepting wedding presents – 2 boxes of 1ml syringes, 2 x snugglesafe heat pads, titan nebuliser, rehydration support x 25 and a ophthalmoscope. Wow!

Also a big thank you to:

James Beal – floor cleaning cloths
Louise and Liam Madden – Royal Canin kitten biscuits 4kg
David Sproat – Royal Canin baby dog milk x 2

Our hedgehogs are very grateful x

You too can donate items from our Amazon Wishlist – Please click here to go to the list or click the Amazon Wishlist logo on the right of this page.


Farewell to our Deputy Manager – Mary Barrow

Today we bid a sad farewell to our Deputy Manager, Mary Barrow.
Thank You for all your help with the hedgehogs over the last couple of years and enjoy a rest, put those feet up!

Mary Barrow

I would like to say a fond farewell to everyone at SWCC Hedgehog Hospital. I had a fab send off with a “this is your hedgehog life” accompanied by a lot of cider! Thanks Nic C and Michelle for the huge amount of work you put in! I received so many gifts from so many people so I want to say a collective thank you to everybody. It was nice to see a few of the park keepers at my send off as well and a huge thanks to Alex for giving me the opportunity to fly Quincy the barn owl. What an experience. xxx

Mary and Quincy


Now Autumn is Here

Don’t forget now Autumn is here, hedgehogs love to make their homes in piles of leaves, so please check before you rake and if you’re burning the leaves, check the bonfire too. To you it’s a pile of leaves, to a hedgehog it’s home.


From Birth to Release

The stages of Gollum from 24 hours old till now in his pre release pen hunting out snails and meal worms xx